Reverse Mabill (also know as Mawill) is the shipping of Reverse Mabel Pines, also known as Mabel Gleeful, and Reverse Bill Cipher, commonly known as Will Cipher, from the highly popular AU Reverse Falls. This AU is also sometimes known as Depravity Falls or Reverse Pines.

It is the Reverse Falls/Mirror Universe counterpart to Mabill.

Origins and Appeal[edit | edit source]

Reverse Falls is a Mirror Universe AU (Alternate Universe) of Gravity Falls similar to Star Trek: The Original Series' alternate dimension from the episode "Mirror, Mirror." It also features moral alignment-swapped characters, making Gideon and Pacifica the heroes and Mabel and Dipper the villains.

Reverse Mabel is commonly depicted as being orderly, sassy, cold, cunning, seductive, sadistic, yet charming. Her canon counterpart's wackiness can also be amped up to the extreme, giving her a deranged, psychotic side as well. Reverse Mabel's unpredictability makes her more dangerous and fearsome, rather than funny and cute, like Mabel.

The Reverse Falls counterpart of Bill Cipher, Will Cipher, is a kind, crybaby character who is the opposite of Bill. Interestingly, Will is often portrayed as being not a "Mirror Universe" counterpart to Bill but rather Bill's twin brother, who arrived in the Alternate Universe of Reverse Falls rather than the Regular Universe of Gravity Falls.

Will is usually shown to have been tricked and imprisoned by Reverse Dipper and Reverse Mabel, making him their slave and the unwilling accomplice to their evil exploits.

Reverse Mabel and Will Cipher.

Although Reverse Mabel/Reverse Bill (Will) is not nearly as popular as Reverse Billdip, there is a fair amount of fan art and a few fanfics of the pairing. The pairing can be very fluffy or very dark, depending on the artist or writer. It often has femdom/femdomme themes.

The pairing sometimes occurs in stories which also feature Reverse Billdip and/or Reverse Pinecest. Sometimes, the three characters are in a mutual, three-way romantic and/or sexual trio, especially considering the darker, more morally ambiguous nature of the AU.

Background Info[edit | edit source]

When Mabel has a hard time with getting Gideon's attention,she goes into "yandere" mode,after that,she realizes that she needs to move on and focus on world domination.But Dipper starts getting control on the Mabel,who is now vulnerable,but she also spends more time with Will,who is trying to console her.Over time they fall for each other, but they never told the other.(This is one of the ways the ship is laid out,mostly in fanfictions,it is based on the author how she/he wants the ship to happen)

Contributors[edit | edit source]

HUUUM_H fanartist.

Ryouhiko-Ankuu : fanartist.

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