Pinecest (also known as Pinescest) is the incestuous shipping of Mason "Dipper" Pines and Mabel Pines. The pairing's name is a portmanteau of the twin's last name, Pines, and the word incest. Due to the young age of the characters most, but not all, fanartists and fanfiction writers age up the twins to ages where romantic relationships are considered acceptable. As a result, the twins are presented as teenagers or young adults.

Although this ship is popular, it is also infamous and openly and heavily criticized among parts of the fandom due to the incestuous relationship.

Artist: Double Pines.


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Pinecest shippers are often drawn to the pairing due to the twin's contrasting personalities and close, dynamic relationship. Dipper is introverted, driven and forward-thinking, but prone to bouts of immaturity when trying to act older than his age. Mabel is extroverted, lovable and free-sprited, but often finds herself in trouble after making decisions without considering their consequences. The twins, despite arguably being too old for it, still share the same room and are very touchy-feely, often hugging and holding hands.

Notable Pinecest Fanartists and Fanfiction Writers

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Pinecest has a large body of fanfiction and fanart dedicated to it. Several notable fanartists and fanfiction writers include, but are not limited to:

conifertwins(fanfiction writer)

curses-ive-been-nerded (fanfiction writer) (may contain nsfw)

doublepines (fanartist/fanfiction writer) (may contain nsfw) (Name changed to in-your-face-elizabeth)

Fairy Slayer (fanfiction writer) (definitely contains nsfw)

floxydrawings(fanartist) (may contain nsfw) (inactive)

incestitive (fanartist) (deleted)

pinecesteverywhere (fanfiction writer) (Deleted, Now at mabeldont)

pinecestfeels (fanfiction writer) (inactive) (Locked)

pinecestlove (fanfiction writer) (may contain nsfw)

pineneedleshurt(fanartist/fanfiction writer) (may contain nsfw)

pinescents (fanfiction writer) (inactive)

pines-fix (fanfiction writer) (may contain nsfw)

pinkiedmouse (fanfiction writer)

sprucepinecest (fanfiction writer)

tat-buns (fanfiction writer) (may contain nsfw)

uniquepines (fanfiction writer)

mideva (fanartist)

coniferoussiblings (fanfiction writer)

edward-or-ford (yet another pinecest blog)

pinkpines(fanfiction writer) (fanartist)

panpacificpines (fanfiction writer)

yaschiri (fanfiction writer) (fanartist)

pineships (fanartist) (Inactive,Permanently on May 2016)

asterism-pinoidea (fanfiction writer)

pinewreaths (fanfiction writer)

equilateral-asshat (fanfiction writer)

gravity-fucks (fanfiction writer) (NSFW) (inactive as of July 3,2016)

piningforyou(fanfiction writer) (page deleted as of January 2017)


All the above shippers are polite, friendly people, and regularly welcome new shippers to the fandom.

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