Mabifica (also known as Mabcifica or Pacifibel) is the femslash shipping of Mabel Pines and Pacifica Northwest.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Pacifica Northwest was introduced as a relatively minor character who was written as a minor antagonist and the literal opposite of Mabel. Where Mabel is goofy, kind-hearted, and charming, Pacifica is snooty, stuck-up, and self-absorbed. In season 1 the ship was relatively underground, as all of Mabel and Pacifica's interactions were negative and Pacifica was very passive-aggressive, one-dimensional, and cruel. Mabifica was depicted as either one-sided, a hateship, or Pacifica having tsundere-like feelings towards Mabel. 

The Golf War[edit | edit source]

Episode 3 of season 2, The Golf War, introduced a more sympathetic side of Pacifica, showing how her parents pushed her to perfection. Mabel rescued Pacifica from the bloodthirsty Lilliputtians and later gave her both a ride home and a taco she found in the car. Although she still tried to keep up a cold front, it was obvious Pacifica appreciated Mabel's kindness, and admitted she had fun playing with her. 

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Because of the events of The Golf War, Mabifica turned from a simple enemy ship to a well-rounded fluffy, romantic pairing. Now that we know how Pacifica is constantly pushed to be the best at everything, a large portion of Mabifica works focus on Mabel supporting Pacifica throughout difficult situations with her family and status.

Other Appeal[edit | edit source]

Mabifica, once a love-hate ship, is now commonly depicted as being a healthy, romantic relationship between the two girls. Pacifica is usually shown being embarrassed or in denial about her crush on Mabel, or is flustered around her, contrasting her composed, snooty personality.

In fan-fiction (and other fanworks), Mabifica is commonly accompanied by Billdip, appearing as a secondary/background pairing or vice-versa, depending on which ship the fan-fiction is primarily focusing on.

Mabifica entertains the 'weird girl and popular girl' romance trope.

Contributors[edit | edit source]

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