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Magidbeleon is the shipping of Mabel Pines and Gideon Gleeful. The ship name was canonically coined by Soos in The Hand That Rocks the Mabel.

Canon Evidence[]

Gideon is canonically head-over-heels in love and obsessed with Mabel, who does not reciprocate his love and has firmly stated she never will. However, Gideon is unable to accept this and goes to extreme lengths to force Mabel to love him back, going as far as kidnapping her multiple times, attempting to kill her and her family, and aiding Bill by keeping her imprisoned in her bubble.

In Weirdmageddon Part 1, Dipper tells Gideon no matter how hard you try, you can't force someone to love you. After this conversation strikes a chord within Gideon, it is revealed that as deranged and selfish Gideon is, he genuinely loves and cares for Mabel. He promises to abandon his violent, psychotic ways, and he agrees to help Dipper, Wendy and Soos set Mabel free instead.

In Weirdmageddon Part 3: Take Back the Falls, Mabel and Gideon must stand next to each other and hold hands. Gideon gets very giddy about this, revealing he still has feelings for Mabel, whereas Mabel responds with disgust.


Magidbeleon is commonly portrayed as being one-sided like it is in canon, where Gideon is obsessed with Mabel, and Mabel sternly refuses to reciprocate his feelings. The ship frequently takes on darker themes in line with Gideon's obsessive and psychotic nature, involving themes such as noncon, kidnapping, stalkery, and so on. Gideon entertains the 'yandere' trope, a trait that is commonly used in Magidbeleon content.

However, the ship can take on a lighthearted tone as well, where Mabel has a change of heart and returns Gideon's feelings and they pursue a relationship together (that is ambiguously healthy). This is especially plausible given Gideon's actions in the Weirdmageddon trilogy, expressing his true feelings and selflessness regarding Mabel, and leaving him open for redemption.

Notable Contributors to Magidbeleon[]

  • tanosan96, fan artist, creator of I Wouldn't Mind (comic and music video)