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Fordbel is the incestuous shipping of Stanford "The Author" Pines and Mabel Pines. It is the least popular incest ship involving the Pines family.


Ford and Mabel have arguably the least developed relationship in the family, thus giving more room for interpretation, headcanon, and a desire for the two to become closer.

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This ship can either be fluffy, what with Ford's dorkiness and Mabel's goofiness combined, but it also has a lot of potential for angst -- it's very clear that Ford has a preference for Dipper, and his personal opinion of Mabel is questionable. Rejecting Mabel's romantic feelings or using her for his own personal gain, for research or sexual purposes or otherwise, due to a lack of guilt from his Dipper bias are possible themes.

Shippers either age up Mabel, age down Ford, or keep them as is. It's entirely up to the preference of the individual shipper.


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