Dipifica (also known as Dipcifica) is the shipping of Pacifica Northwest and Mason "Dipper" Pines. It is one of the more popular pairings for the respective characters, competing with popular ships such as BillDip and Mabifica.

Origins and Appeal Edit

Although Dipifica wasn't nonexistent pre-season 2, it didn't gain a large following until Pacifica-centric episodes The Golf War and Northwest Mansion Mystery. The episodes revealed that Pacifica is not genuinely a brat but just negatively influenced and sheltered by her parents. Towards the end of the episodes, she mellows more towards the Pines as well, bonding with one of them in each episode.

The supporters of this ship enjoy the concept of Pacifica developing a (reluctant at first) crush on Dipper, or Dipper seeing Pacifica for who she truly is and falling for her instead. It is also common to see Pacifica adventuring together with the Pines twins, maintaining a healthy friendship with them, and developing a romantic relationship with Dipper

In Lost Legends, we learn a little more about Pacifica’s backstory and how her parents were badly inflicting her life, teaching her beauty was everything and that nothing else mattered. This scene continues with Dipper and Pacifica sharing a heartfelt moment, and Dipper confessing he thinks she’s smart, creative, and confident, and how he sees a different side of her. Pacifica is so moved that she grabs him and hugs him, holding on for several seconds. This adventure the two share together proves to be very essential to the developing bond and only fuels more to the fire for this ship and part of that fuel is the fact that shmebulock ships them as well.

In Journal 3, after the Northwest Mansion incident, we see Dipper has written a journal entry that reads: "Sure, she's spoiled, and mean, and makes this weird face when she's annoyed, but she ended up saving me and half the town. I guess despite all her parents' attempts to make her awful, there's hope for her after all." Dipper also adds: "She also looks kind of okay in an evening dress, I guess."

Dipper writes this about her, as well, but it ends up scribbled out: "And when she hugs you she smells like champagne and flowers and... Am I crazy or was there some vibe going on?"

In Special Edition Journal 3, where the Corduroy picture used to be, Mabel writes a note saying "Roses are red, Pacifica's blood is blue, I read what you crossed out! I'm on to you! Start combing your hair, Brother! -Mabel" This suggests that Mabel is supportive of the idea of her brother having a crush on, or dating, the girl who was once her enemy.

Some fanfiction tend to focus on Dipper being afraid of upsetting Mabel by dating Pacifica, or Pacifica being afraid of dating Dipper out of fear of being embarrassed by the Pines' antics, as well as the reaction of her strict family.

This ship also entertains the 'nerdy geek and popular girl' romance trope, especially if set in a high school/aged-up universe.

There are many hints that they like each other .

  1. In Northwest mansion mystery Marius looked at Grenda in a weird gleamy eye way signalling he was in love and when Dipper comforts her she looks at him in a similar way.
  2. After Dipper caught the ghost he tried to be cool but completely fails in doing so. The last time he acted like this was when he liked Wendy.
    Rainy evening by demol1sher-d9sb3ak
    Also this is the only one that makes sense.

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