Candip is the shipping of Candy Chiu and Dipper Pines. It is arguably the most popular Candy Chiu ship.

Canon Evidence[edit | edit source]

Candip is a relatively obscure ship that first formed when Candy fearfully clung to Dipper in Summerween. Throughout season 1 and season 2, it was safe to assume Dipper is on good terms with Candy, possibly even more so than Grenda.

The ship began to gain traction in The Love God, when Mabel is searching for matches for Robbie, Candy and Dipper are put together under "Future Matches", suggesting that Mabel enjoys the idea of Dipper dating Candy.

In Roadside Attraction, Candip was canonically acknowledged. In Dipper's quest to get over his crush, Wendy, he tries to pick up girls by acting like a confident jerk, courtesy of Grunkle Stan's advice. Using his fake confidence, he flirts with several girls, including Mabel and her friends. Candy is attracted to his sudden change in personality, and develops a crush on him. When Mabel and Grenda learn of their friend's feelings, Mabel attempts to play matchmaker and get the two together, only for it to be revealed that Dipper doesn't see her that way.

Towards the end of the episode, Candy learns that Dipper was only using her and the other girls to get over Wendy, and leaves, visibly upset. Although the two make up and Dipper apologizes, Candy states she no longer has feelings for Dipper.

Appeal[edit | edit source]

Candy and Dipper are commonly shipped together in a healthy, loving relationship, usually after being brought together by an enthusiastic Mabel. This interpretation is even more common after the events of Roadside Attraction.

The two are the same age, and similar in the respect that they are smart, rather quiet, dorky, and enjoy reading. Although this ship has canonically sunk, it is still logically a good match and plausible.

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