BillDip, also known as Cipherpines, is the shipping of Dipper Pines and Bill Cipher.

Although heavily criticized, it is simultaneously the Gravity Falls fandom's most popular ship, boasting over 4,000 works on Archive of our Own alone.

Refer to Reverse BillDip for its Reverse Falls counterpart.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Origins
  • Sock Opera
  • Appeal
  • International
  • Warnings
  • Notable Contributors to Billdip

Origins[edit | edit source]

BillDip began as a baseless crack ship, and grew in popularity following the episode "Sock Opera".

Sock Opera[edit | edit source]

Sock Opera, the fourth episode in the second season, marked the dramatic spike in BillDip popularity.

In the episode, Bill finally returns after a long absence. He is seen bantering and messing with Dipper, providing the significant, plentiful canon interactions the crackship needed.

Some of Bill's dialogue in Sock Opera could be interpreted as flirtatious, some examples being:

  • "Did you miss me? Admit it, you missed me!"
  • "I've been keeping an eye on you, and I must say, I'm impressed!"
  • The nickname Pine Tree was confirmed canon in this episode, which was frequently used as Bill's pet name/nickname for Dipper prior to S2.

Dipper needs the code for the laptop Soos found in Into the Bunker, and Bill offers him the code for a simple puppet. After his second proposition, Dipper accepts and they shake hands.

It is then revealed that the puppet Bill sought after was Dipper himself, removing his soul from his body and possessing him, effectively tricking Dipper and destroying the laptop.

Bill is then seen trying to get used to Dipper's body: stumbling around, pulling at his face, drinking soda, purposefully hurting himself and finding humor in pain, and not understanding the consequences of sleep deprivation.

At the end of the episode, Bill is kicked out of Dipper's body and he promises that he'll be back. The episode had truly given insight to the dynamic between Bill and Dipper, and Billdip quickly and unexpectedly rose to the top as the fandom's most popular ship.

In addition to this, the fanbase was enamored with possessed Dipper, canonically known as Bipper. Fanart of Bipper was extremely abundant for several months, and with the Bipper hype came waves and waves of BillDip shippers as well. In conclusion, Sock Opera had converted hundreds of fans into BillDip shippers.

Appeal[edit | edit source]

Due to the unpredictable nature of Bill, BillDip comes in all forms and verses. At its core, BillDip is loved for the dynamic: suspicious, curious, yet naive Dipper makes an interesting partner for chaotic, all-knowing Bill.

In instances where canon personalities are closely followed, popular themes tend to be grimdark. Bill may be violently possessive of Dipper, or he gives him nightmares of their encounters, usually with romantic (or sexual) undertones. Although, these grimdark themes do not always have to be one-sided; fans also speculate about Dipper's morality and the act of him siding with and/or summoning Bill.

In the same respect, there are also fluff takes on the pairing, such as indulging in the idea that maybe Bill could be redeemed, or learn to love. Mabel frequently has a role as a matchmaker in these kinds of scenarios.

Despite criticisms of pedophilia, the majority of (not all) fanfics feature Dipper as an adult and Bill as a human.

International[edit | edit source]

This pairing is very popular all around the world. A Russian fan club for Billdip has over 27,000 members, far more than for any other Gravity Falls ship. A Chinese fan page exists, as well.

Warnings[edit | edit source]

There isn't that much underage and non-con related works under BillDip, as well as blood and gore, plus counting the shitload of sexual texting stories on the internet. Please be sure to read tags and triggers and blacklist things that trigger you or make you uncomfortable!

Notable Contributors to Billdip[edit | edit source] Doujinshi made by Vash ilusion.

ab2fsycho: fanfic writer, author of I'm the Chip You're the Dip.

art-meddler: fanartist

athina-blaine: fanfic writer, author of Defining Bill Cipher and other Billdip fanfics. : creator of many billdip memes and phrases. fanartist and important contributors to the billdip fandom

Biscoot: fanfic writer, author of Devil with a Silver Compass and Love is a Polaroid.

the-binding: fanfic writer.

ciphernetics: fanfic writer.

constellation-soda: active in the Tumblr tag. Sometimes writes fics. An excellent human being.

cosmic-hollows: fanartist

crispych0colate: fanfic writer, fanartist

dikoto: fanartist.

elentori-art: fanartist. Elentori has since left the fandom.

flowers-for-freaks: fanfic writer.

ibelieveinahappilyeverafter: fanfic writer.

inumaru12: fanfic writer, author of Wonderland and other Billdip fanfics.

kaoru-doodles: fanartist, creator of the CipherPines family.

kinochi-art: fanartist

lanxborealis: fanfic writer, author of Life is a Fairy Tale, Limbo is a Legend, and other Billdip fanfics.

lifeisanimation: fanartist.

life-writer: Gravity Falls fanartist who occasionally draws Billdip.

love-ruins-everything : fanfic writer of Falling for the Falls

mageof-art: fanartist.

m-arci-a: fanartist.

momma-ran: fanfic writer, author of All I See are Stars and other Billdip fanfics.

my-kingdom-of-random: fanartist. fanartist.

othreeon3: fanartist.

orphancricket: fanfic writer, author of Sleeping Through the End of the World and other Billdip fanfics.

pacha-yep: fanartist.

pandagod03 fanfic writer, author of The Legacy of a Broken Heart and other Billdip fanfics.

palolabg : fanartist.

paperjam-bipper: fanfic writer.

smolskye: fanartist and fanfic writer, author of Desperate Measures and other Billdip fanfics.

spyroforlife: fanfic writer, author of Payment in Blood and other Billdip fanfics.

trydain: fanartist, creator of the Cipher Project AU.

tswwwit: fanfic writer, author of Faking It, and other Billdip fanfics

ve1art: fanartist, creator of the Cipher Twins AU.

•miraculous crystal wolfie rose•[1]; BillDip GachaTuber/YouTuber, creator of Future Falls BillDip AU

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